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EUROSTONE GROUP is in constant communication with leading broker firms. Our analysis department is monitoring the hospitality matrix in prominent and upcoming cities .The first mission is to locate the potential property that fits the 'VALUE ADDED' approach.


EUROSTONE GROUP has developed an analysis protocol in order to have an advantage through swift decision making.

The analysis process includes the micro (property) and the macro (market) levels. The analysis process ends with a full business plan which provide a clear vision and stepping stones for execution.


From a light decor turn around projects to full fledge conversion project with high budget, long time frame and expertise to, our team approach is  'on hands'  which knows international and local suppliers, local regulation and professional all over Europe making a renovation an  'on budget' and 'on time' mission! 


For every property/hotel ,based on its characteristic among other: location, number of rooms, facilities, building type we develop the right branding based the positioning. Some hotels have a unique own brand and some hotels fit an international brand. We are in contact with most INTERNATIONAL GROUPS such as WYNDHAM, MARRIOTT, HILTON, BEST WESTERN REZIDOR and more.


Through its previous transaction track record, EUROSTONE GROUP has a vast experience in the specific issues related to hospitality purchase. Whether a property or share transaction we know how to limit and hedge the risks. Essential part of successful purchase is tailoring the right finance. We have an extensive network with financial institution focusing on hospitality.


EUROSTONE GROUP has a profound know how and experience in building a management structure. All of EUROSTONE team are ex hoteliers veterans who know how to locate, build a winning team and develop the relevant SOPs for a successful operation.

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